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High School Red Ribbon Week

The High School will be observing Red Ribbon Week next week, Nov 4 - Nov 8. Instead of dress-up days, we will focus on being kind to each other, encouraging each other to be the best and to make good decisions for their future! It's easier to make good choices when your friends are doing that too!

Theme Days
  • Monday: Everybody Has a Name
    • Students/Teachers are encouraged to start the day by creating a name tag and wear it all day. We will make it a point to greet everyone by their name, especially those we do not usually address. Name tags will be available in the lobby!
  • Tuesday: Nobody Eats Alone
    • Students are encouraged to eat with someone new at lunch and make sure that no one is eating by themselves. Today, students can pick up a scavenger hunt card in the lobby. Get a signature in each block, then bring the card to Mrs. Ridgway for a small prize and to enter your name in a drawing for the grand prize which will be drawn at the end of the day. Your card has to have 25 unique signatures (that means you can't just have one student sign them all).
  • Wednesday: FavoriteT-shirt
    • Students and teachers should wear a t-shirt that expresses a subject they have a passion about: for example, Favorite Movie, Favorite Team, Favorite Sport, Favorite Book, etc. Students are encouraged to find new friends with the same interest and form a group. Take a group selfie, share it with Mrs. Ridgway. Make sure your t-shirts are visible in the selfie. The group with the most members, as identified by their similar subject shirts, will win a prize.
  • Thursday: Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)
    • Students/Teachers are asked to complete random acts of kindness all day. A bulletin board will be set up in the lobby, where students/teachers can use post-it notes to give shout outs to someone who completed a RAK activity for them on this day. At the end of the day, a post-it will be picked and the student/teacher who completed the chosen kind act will earn a prize.
  • Friday: Bulldog Pride
    • Today, students/teachers should max out on their bulldog colors and outfits to support our school and each other.
(Thanks to the many people who shared these ideas on Facebook and Instagram!)
What is Student Council?
Wayne Student Council is a collection of nominated class leaders, overall officers, and those who simply wish to take part in improving our school and community. When things need to be changed or challenged, we are the ones who step up and meet those challenges. We represent our school when we attend district meets, volunteer in a variety of activities for people in need, and participate in and plan other school events. Motivated students are highly encouraged to join STUCO and make the town of Wayne a better place.
Currently, STUCO is making plans for Homecoming 2019. We are planning a variety of activities and dress up days, and we will also be selling t-shirts! Stay posted for more details!

Who can join Student Council?

Anyone can join. Normally, there are class elections held at the beginning of each school year for class President, Vice President, Secretary, etc. Those who are elected are members of the Student Council already, but even those who aren't elected may join. (If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please speak to Mrs. Kelly Ridgway or an officer.) 


Student Council Officer Election Process:

Student council also has officers which are elected every spring. This year's officers are Reyna Cardoza - President, Joselyn Ornelas - Vice-President, Celia Bennett - Secretary, Coralee Castle - Treasurer, and Gabriel (Jo Jo) Cardoza - Executive member.
The steps for becoming an officer are listed below.
  1.  Students are to complete the application form provided by Mrs. Ridgway or by a Student Council officer.
  2.  Students are to get three teacher evaluations completed along with application form.
  3. Elections are held in May as needed.