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Wayne Public Schools is a small rural district dedicated to providing individualized instruction to all students. Every Wayne Bulldog Student is expected to be successful in all areas of the educational arena. Wayne Schools will provide the “THE BEST EDUCATION POSSIBLE” while promoting high morals and character.

The Wayne Board of Education, Administration, Faculty and Staff believe Wayne Graduates should have every advantage as they seek their place in life. Every student is considered a precious asset. We appreciate serving our current students and will look forward to serving our future students.

We welcome your interest in our district and would gladly provide you with additional information.

D.S. Powell

Superintendent of Schools

Wayne Public Schools

Evening Evacuation Plan

Mission Statement:

Wayne Schools is committed to the safety of all students, faculty, support staff and patrons on campus. Evening Activities will always be evaluated for cancellation, and there is also a plan in place if activities continue as scheduled and we must evacuate later.

Senior Graduation 2019:

1. Evacuation Plan will be on school web site prior to graduation.

2. Evacuation Plan will be in writing along with the program pamphlet.

3. Announcement will be made to the audience at the beginning of the ceremony by the Superintendent of Schools outlining procedures in place for evacuation.

4. Seniors and on stage personnel will exit to the north exit stage doors and be guided thru the Middle School and Pre-K/Kindergarten Safe Building.

5. Senior Citizens, Handicapped and any unattended students will be evacuated first from the auditorium exiting thru the High School Hallway to the south exit door and be guided to the Fine Arts (Band) Safe Building.

6. All others will follow this procedure to the Fine Arts Building. If the Fine Arts Building becomes over crowded the Pre-K/Kindergarten Building will be available.

7. Once the storm doors are locked they will remain locked until confirmation is given that all is clear to exit.

· Wayne School personnel will be available to assist and guide you to these Storm Shelter Buildings.

· Both Storm Shelter Buildings meet or exceed all FEMA requirements.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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