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Wayne Public Schools is a small rural district committed to giving students personal attention, individual learning tailored to student's needs and abilities, and a curriculum that challenges students to achieve high academic standards. The teachers, administration, and Board of Education pride themselves on knowing their students well enough to develop strong positive relationships.  We welcome and encourage student, parent, and community involvement.
Toby L. Ringwald
Superintendent of Schools

Latest News

Homecoming Rain Plans

Due to high probability of rain tomorrow evening, we are putting in a possible contingency plan for coronation and the parade. Follow the link for more.

Freshman Parents ICAP Meeting

Learn about the mandated ICAP program and what it means for your student. Thursday October 10th from 6 to 7 pm. Follow the link for more.

Seniors to OU October 10th

Seniors will be going on a tour of the University of Oklahoma on October 10th. They will need to bring $9 with them for lunch. Per new OU tour guidelines for minors the number of students we are able to take may be limited so please have your student RSVP as soon as possible. We will leave Wayne School at approximately 8:30-8:45 and will return after lunch. The consent is attached and students must return the permission slip in order to attend.