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Wayne Public Schools is a small rural district committed to giving students personal attention, individual learning tailored to student's needs and abilities, and a curriculum that challenges students to achieve high academic standards. The teachers, administration, and Board of Education pride themselves on knowing their students well enough to develop strong positive relationships.  We welcome and encourage student, parent, and community involvement.
Toby L. Ringwald
Superintendent of Schools

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J.O.M. Supplies to Be Given Out First Day of School

J.O.M. Indian Education supplies for elementary students will be given to your child's teacher. In middle school and high school, sacks of basic supplies will be given to them directly on the first day of school. If your student is new, supplies will not be given until a citizenship card is uploaded to the Student Records portal.

Wayne Public Schools Return to School Plan Approved at Board Meeting

This plan may be modified by the administration as new information and guidelines arise. The district will stay in close contact with health officials and state leaders to assure the best possible courses of action are taken to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Letter from the Superintendent July 11, 2020

While we understand that any plan addressing COVID-19 will be fluid and evolving, we have established a basic strategy for returning to school and will be releasing it this coming week. Please view the main points here.