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Wayne Public Schools is a small rural district committed to giving students personal attention, individual learning tailored to student's needs and abilities, and a curriculum that challenges students to achieve high academic standards. The teachers, administration, and Board of Education pride themselves on knowing their students well enough to develop strong positive relationships.  We welcome and encourage student, parent, and community involvement.
Toby L. Ringwald
Superintendent of Schools

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Wayne High School Holds Awards Assembly on May 2

The Wayne High School Awards Assembly was held Monday May 2 at the Wayne Auditorium. The following students were honored that night.

Scholarship Winners

American Legion School Award Medal and $50
Ethan Mullins and Kaylee Keeler

Brittney Rogers Memorial Scholarship $500
Jairo Hernandez

Howard and Katie Key Family Scholarship $1000
Trent Donaho

Masonic Lodge Scholarship $1000
Ashton Whitaker

Rural Electric Cooperative $250
Mckenzie Fisher

SWOSU Academic Scholarship $1500
Ashley Bless

OCCC Freshman Tuition Waiver $1000/year
USAO Associate Degree Scholarship $5000
Trent Donaho

ESA Scholarship for Outstanding Youth $500
OSU Cowboy Covenant $1000, Academic Excellence $1000, AE Supplement $1000
J Fleming Memorial Freshman Scholarship $1000
Kaylee Keeler

OU Academic Achievement Scholarship $3000
Andy Solis

Southwestern Christian University Athletic Scholarship $4600
Mayce Trejo

Wayne High School would like to thank all the families and organizations and colleges that provide necessary scholarships to our students. They invest in our students' future and that means so much to us.

Each of our teachers has selected students who they have deemed their Top Students or have achieved something monumental in their class.

Coach Scott Brewer
Government Top Students: Zoe Spray, Faith Brazell, Haylee Durrence, Sean Baker, Daliyah Fuentes, Madicyn Self
OK/World History Top Students: Duke Moore, Cash Sharp, Joseph Mantooth, Addison Keeler, Jenna Fielder, Devon Finch

Coach Bill Burnett
Academic Success/Personal Finance Top Student: Abby Watts

Jeanne Durrence
Algebra II Top Students: Jordynn Debaets, Taylor Woods

Coach Jackson Embry
English I and II
Best Writers: Landon Rodenberger, Colton Idleman
Highest Grade: English I: Myleigh Caballero, Kyler Cantrell English II:Jake Solis, Faith Brazell, Jordyn Debaets, Haylee Durrence, Sean Baker, Zoe Spray
Most Creative Writer: English I: Cash Sharp, Joseph Mantooth English II:Sean Baker
Top Poetry Writer: Ethan Bloodworth

Marianne Lamb
Gonzalo Perez Excellent Trumpet
Ashton Whitaker Senior Trumpet, Uniform Manager
Lukas Pack Outstanding Percussion
Brody Brady Excellent Saxophone
Kayla Rojo Senior Outstanding Saxophone
Sean Baker Outstanding Trumpet

Tanya Mantooth
Programming I Top Students:Joseph Mantooth & Cash Sharp
Programming II: Top Student: Ashton Whitaker
Chemistry Top Students: Hailee Smith, Andy Solis
STEM: Jaxon Dill, Adam Lee

Chris Ridgway
Algebra I Top Students: Devon Finch and Jenna Fielder

Kelly Ridgway
Geometry Top Students: Sean Baker, Joseph Mantooth, Emma Harrison, Samantha Harrison
Trigonometry Top Students: Sarah Breckenridge, Hannah Vanschuyver
English IV Top Students: Ashton Whitaker, Hailee Smith, Brayden Force
Screen Writers Award: Cash Sharp

Angela Russell
Environmental Science Top Student: Taylor Woods
Biology I Top Students: Sean Baker, Haylee Durrence, Daliyah Fuentes, Faith Brazell
Physical Science Top Students: Joseph Mantooth

Sammy Sharp
Geography Top Students: Sadie Thomas, Alexa Rojas

The John Phillips Sousa Award for Top Band Student went to Kayla Rojo and Sean Baker. The Director’s Award went to Lukas Pack.

Sean Baker was presented with his medals for Superior Trumpet at the OSSAA District and State Band Contests.

Students who score a composite or super score of 25 or above earn a place in the "Wayne ACT Hall of Fame". This year's recipient is Andy Solis.

Alexa Rojas, Allison Ryan, Dylana Webster, and Ashley Bless were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society on March 30 at a previous ceremony, In order to be inducted these students must have earned a first semester average of 93% or more, have no more than four absences, and have completed a minimum of five hours of community service.

Students who rank in the top ten percent of grade point average after the third nine weeks qualify for the Wayne Chapter of Oklahoma Honor Society each year. 19 students will be honored this year....Seniors Ashley Bless, Trent Donaho, Kaylee Keeler, and Haiden Parker. Juniors Kaylee Madden and Emily Woody. Sophomores Sean Baker, Haylee Durrence, Daliyah Fuentes, Zoe Spray, Jordynn Debaets, Ashley Hayles, and Indiana Humbarger and Freshmen Kyler Cantrell, Jenna Fielder, Joseph Mantooth, Jaxon Dill, Addison Keeler, and Cash Sharp.

Wayne High School’s "Top Ten" Award goes to students who have completed a college preparatory curriculum, earned at least 2 credits in Advanced Placement or advanced or concurrent classes, taken four high school math and four science classes, and earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5. It is a very difficult and high standard academically. This year we would like to honor the following students who have earned a "Top Ten" award: Ashley Bless, Sarah Breckenridge, Trent Donaho, Emma Harrison, Samantha Harrison, Mckenzie Fisher, Kaylee Keeler, Kayla Rojo, Andy Solis

We would like to congratulate the Wayne High School 2022 Valedictorian and Salutatorian. This year we have one student who earned a grade point average of 3.81 over the four years of high school and will be named Salutatorian: Sarah Breckenridge.
One student earned a 3.96 grade point average over four years of high school and will be named Valedictorian this year, Kaylee Keeler.

As you can see, we have some incredible students. A special thank you to the parents and families for all the support you give to your student and our school throughout the year.

Indian Education Meeting April 27, 2022

The Wayne Public Schools Indian Education committee meeting for the spring with be held on Wednesday April 27, 2022 at 3:15 pm in the high school library. We will discuss budgeting and ideas for next year. All parents and guardians of Indian children are invited to attend.

Wayne Schools Will Be Open Today 3/29/22

Wayne Schools is aware of a situation involving local law enforcement. Student safety is our number one priority and after speaking to law enforcement officials this morning, we are fully confident that our students will be safe at school today. There will be deputies patrolling the area throughout the day. Thank you for your understanding in this matter, and we will let you know if anything else transpires.

Wayne Schools 2022-2023 Calendar Approved by Board

The Wayne Schools 2022-2023 Calendar has been approved by the local school board and a printable PDF has been posted to the Administration page of the website and attached here for your convenience.