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Wayne Public Schools is a small rural district committed to giving students personal attention, individual learning tailored to student's needs and abilities, and a curriculum that challenges students to achieve high academic standards. The teachers, administration, and Board of Education pride themselves on knowing their students well enough to develop strong positive relationships.  We welcome and encourage student, parent, and community involvement.
Toby L. Ringwald
Superintendent of Schools

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NHS Feeds 20 Families for Thanksgiving

Over the last few weeks National Honor Society collected over 2,400 items from all three schools to be delivered to 20 families for this Thanksgiving. They also have an excellent start for Christmas. The class winners were 2nd grade, 7th grade and 12th grade. But the big winners were all of us because of how much of a difference we have made in lives. We thank each and every one of you for the big turn out this year. We will be asking you again after break to gather certain items for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from NHS and all of us at Wayne Public Schools.

Wayne vs Tonkawa-First Round Playoffs! Ticketing Information

You will need to purchase your first round tickets online at GoFan at the link provided. It will cost $8.35. There is a cash option for $10 but they prefer you to purchase your ticket in advance on GoFan! Any questions call the high school and we will walk ou through it!

Helping Your Child Become a Successful Reader

The Oklahoma Reading Sufficiency Act—or RSA—helps ensure that by the end of third grade, each student has the opportunity to develop strong foundational reading skills needed to be successful in fourth grade and beyond. Parents are a child’s first teacher, and building literacy starts in the home even before children enter public school. Beginning in kindergarten, your child will be assessed to determine his or her reading skills. We want you to be familiar with RSA and the supports available to you and your child during the early grades, when reading development is critical to future academic success. We hope the information in this guide is helpful to you. If you have questions about your child’s reading ability, contact your child’s teacher or school.