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Algebra 2

Algebra 2 focuses on the study of functions - linear, absolute value, quadratics and other polynomials, radical functions, rational functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions - and a variety of other topics. We use the Big Ideas Algebra 2 text book, and most of the students' homework is posted at their website: One of the benefits of this website is that students can receive immediate feedback on their homework. They are able to check individual problems as they work them. If the solution is not correct, they can try again, and on some problems, they can access an online tutor. Most days we have time to start the assignments in class, but when students have to finish the work at home, it's nice to know they can get online help.
Although the homework is turned in on-line, it usually isn't possible for students to look at the problem and immediately type in the answer!!  Students are encouraged to write the problems down, solve them, then type the answers into the computer. I strongly recommend that they keep their written problems (or scratch paper) in the homework section of their class notebooks.
In addition to the homework at, students also have a weekly ACT Prep assignment. This assignment helps students review and prepare for the ACT - a test all students are required to take in the spring of their junior year.
If you want to know what's coming up soon (or what we have already done), you can check out my online planbook as well as the Big Ideas website.