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About Me

I have been the art teacher here at Wayne Schools since 2007.  I also teach English Language Arts to Seniors. I graduated from Purcell High School and received my B.A. in English Education from Oklahoma City University.  I have a Masters in Education from East Central University.

Recently I took on the Director of Technology and Federal Programs title.

I have three children, Michael, Marlee and McKenzie and a gorgeous granddaughter, Hayslee. We love animals, so we have four dogs and three cats. 

I am passionate about art, life, learning, reading and technology.

Follow me on Instagram @ms.matthewsroom13

and Twitter @matthewsdw



Ms. Matthews's Class Schedule

8:10-9:00 Tech 

9:05-9:55 Art

10:00-10:50 Plan

10:55-11:45 English IV

11:50-12:40 Virtual

1:10-2:00 English IV

2:05-2:55 MS Art