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Wayne Schools Announces Retirement of Educator LeaAnn Boles

LeaAnn says, "My favorite subjects to teach were Math and Reading.  I loved teaching the new concepts in math and seeing the "light bulb" come on when they actually "got it".  I especially enjoyed working with the students who struggled with their work and had little confidence in themselves.  It was very rewarding to see them blossom and gain confidence when they figured out they could do it, too, it just took a little extra work.  (That's probably what I will miss the most about teaching.)
Another one of my favorite things was reading chapter books with my class.  I loved introducing them to different genres of reading to help them find what they liked to read.  It was such fun to introduce them to books they thought were "too big" to read.  I enjoyed them coming to school the next year telling me, "Mrs. Boles, I finished the rest of that series of books this summer! You were right, they were really good!" 
It has been my honor to serve this community and I will greatly miss being part of the faculty at Wayne School.  I will forever treasure the friendships I have made with coworkers, parents, and students and the impact they made on my life."
LeaAnn resides in Rosedale with her husband, Tracy, who runs W and W TIre here in Wayne.  Her sons, Justin and Ryan are both graduates of Wayne Public Schools.  
Congratulations LeaAnn and enjoy your next chapter!
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