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Wayne Schools to have 13th Annual Art Show Virtually this Year

Dates for Show:

Artwork Viewing: May 4-

Artwork Due: April 30

Judging: May 4-6, 2019

Winners Announced: May 7


Any Wayne Schools student currently enrolled.  You do not have to be currently enrolled in Art.  Art students must submit one piece of art created between April 6 and April 30 for a grade in the class.  There will be four divisions for the show: Elementary 1: PK-2, Elementary 2: 3-5, Middle School: 6-8, and High School: 9-12


  1. All entries must be original artwork by the student that is entering it. 
  • No reproductions of copyrighted material will be accepted
  • Entries must not have previously been shown in the Wayne Art Show. 

  1. Students are limited to 3 entries in total.

  1. Artworks will be put online for judging and viewing purposes. 

  1. This artwork needs to be made with the materials you have in your house.  You DO NOT have to purchase art supplies. This could be photography you take on your phone, a pencil drawing you do on a piece of notebook paper, a sculpture you make with objects in your house, or a knitting or craft you do.  BE CREATIVE. 

  1. When completed, take a picture of your artwork and send the picture to, or send it to my Instagram (@ms.matthewsroom13) or Facebook (Michelle Matthews).  Try to make the picture as clear as possible. Don’t worry about cropping or anything, I will do that.  OR, you can bring to school, but please make arrangements with Ms. Matthews.


Drawing: Any form of graphite, pen and ink, marker, pastel, oil pastel, etc. on paper of any weight.

Painting: Any form of watercolor, acrylic, oil, etc. on paper or canvas.

Sculpture: Any form of clay, wood, metal, etc. using the method of addition or subtraction to create an artwork with form. 

Mixed Media: Any form of collage, paint plus another medium, printmaking, on any surface.

Crafts: Any form of knitting, fabric art, jewelry making, weaving, flower arranging, sewing, etc.

Photography: Must be an original photo taken BY the person submitting it. (Note: selfies are not acceptable) 

Computer Graphics:  Any original work created on a computer program (Photoshop, Paint, CorelDraw, etc.)


Best of Show is given to the artwork which is deemed the best of all entries in the art show.  The winner receives $50. 

In each division:

First Place will be awarded in each category in each division.  They receive a virtual certificate

Second and Third Place will be awarded in each category in each division.  They receive a virtual certificate.

If merited, Honorable Mention is also awarded in each category in each division.

People’s Choice Award is given to the artwork that receives the most votes on Facebook.  That artwork receives a certificate

Teacher’s Choice Award is given to the artwork that receives the most votes by the staff of Wayne High School.  That artwork receives a certificate

Art Show Grading 

Every student enrolled in art must submit one (1) artwork created by the student during the dates of April 6-April 30.  This artwork is the majority of the 4th Nine Weeks grade, and three weeks is provided for its creation. 
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