Library Policy

Grade Quanity Checkout Policy

PK - 5th
1 book per week

The Wayne School Library/Media Center does not charge late fees for overdue books in Grades PK through 5th. However, we do require that students return their books to the library before they are allowed to check out additional books. An overdue notice will be sent home with the student as a reminder in the event that books are overdue. If you receive a reminder, we ask that you return the item as soon as possible so that you may continue to enjoy future selections from the library.

6th - 12th
books vary with grade

Items may borrowed for a period of two weeks from the date of checkout. Fees to occur for late or overdue books at the rate of 5 cents per day. Late fees are not to exceed the replacement cost of the item.

Overdue Books and/or Materials

The Library Media Center does charge fines if books are overdue. It is to the student's advantage to check them in on time, so they may check out other books and not pay fines. An overdue notice will be sent home as a reminder in the event that items need to be returned. If you receive a reminder, we ask that you try to locate the book(s) and return them as soon as possible.

Did you damage or lose a library book?

The Wayne Library Media Center does charge replacement cost for items that are damaged or lost. If a student loses or damages an item, a notice showing the replacement cost with be sent home with the student. Once the replacement cost is received, a receipt for the item will be issued and the student’s checkout privileges will be reinstated.

Our library patrons...
…use the library media center and it’s materials for their curriculum educational needs as well as reading enjoyment. It is our goal for the library to be continually available to our students so they may be able to checkout library materials, enjoy quiet pleasure reading time, as well as meet their information literacy needs. Students are also able to access the internet, online research databases, and our school library catalog, Spectrum, as well as other online resources and links through our computer networking system. For various links, please return to our Library Home page.

Also, students and staff have searching access to the Pioneer Library System by completing an online registration form and applying for a library card through the Purcell Library Branch Location. If you are interested in this service, simply ask a library staff member to help.